A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) uses physical tasks designed to replicate a working environment to objectively determine your capabilities and disabilities before your return to work through the use of standardised tests.

An FCE can establish a worker’s ability to perform certain tasks in order to aid in their functional rehabilitation and to understand to what capacity the worker can meet the physical demands that are required in their job duties.

Our physiotherapists at physiotherapy ACTIVE can use the information from a functional capacity evaluation to

  • Arrange return to work plans
  • Report observations and information to all people involved, such as the doctor, the employer and the worker
  • Look at workplace actions such as manual handling techniques and make recommendations regarding these processes
  • Test for physical tolerance, range of motion and strength
  • To identify possible implications or weaknesses when doing repetitive tasks which may involve actions such as lifting, pushing, walking, kneeling and crouching.

Our physiotherapists at physiotherapy ACTIVE are trained in performing functional capacity assessments. An FCE can be performed at your workplace in South Australia, or at our clinic in Campbelltown!