WorkCover SA is responsible for the rehabilitation and compensation of employees who are involved in a workplace accident. We are a WorkCover and DVA approved physiotherapy clinic, which means that you will be able to claim your treatment payments. Our physiotherapists follow a clinical framework developed by WorkCover specifically for WorkCover patients, to make sure you’re getting the appropriate treatment.

Initially, our physiotherapists will assess your workplace injury and examine its affect on you during the initial assessment. This includes assessing your impairment, your movement ability, your muscle function and your posture. In the subsequent consultations that follow, our physios will diagnose and determine the correct course of management for your rehabilitation, and consider return to work options based on your treatment progress and the severity of your workplace injury.

During this time, our physiotherapists will liaise with all the other parties involved in the management of your workplace injury, and review your progress and functional capabilities regularly.

physiotherapy ACTIVE will evaluate your condition and help you to manage your injury, to ensure that you can safely return to work!